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During the opening of the April 21st broadcast of KBS's 'Entertainment Relay', Shin Hyun Joon asked the announcer, "," causing viewers to burst into laughter.When Park Eun Young later complimented Lady Gaga's professionalism, Shin Hyun Joon also complimented the announcer saying that she's also very professional.It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid.Please update this to complete the sign-up process.

Because we the K-drama addicts are so familiar with the oppa romance… Surplus Princess Series review Dramabeans Korean drama recaps One Hallyu Hi readers I m currently watching Bride of the Water God and I thought it was time to take a poll If you re watching let me know your thoughts in the .Park Si-eun (born Park Eun-young on January 6, 1980) is a South Korean actress.It is birthday present or just coincidence..lsh give it then I would be happy..:) Sorry for my bad eng.. Well, I hope she acting in many drama with popular actors.^_^ Sorry for my bad eng...^_^'' WOW, you are the best couple in WGM , not shy, you care for each other, I wish that you are happy in the years after WGM with your husband to be Jea Rim , you have found your soulmate, jump in with both feet and enjoy each other, that man is mad in love with you. Please i am begging you to please say YES when Song Jae Rim oppa asks you to marry him in real life ok? did yall know that she wouldve meet Song Jae Rim earlier than We Got Married in the Inspiring Generation Drama... For who asking about Kimsoeun china movie with aaron yan there is no updates .. Now i know why you and Kim Bum didnt end up together because you are meant to be with the strong embrace of your husband Olla Appa, Jaerim! You two really makes me squezze with joy and laughter every episodes and replays of WGM! I will continue to support all the projects that you two are in! you are the one for me only you, another can not change your place in my mind and my heart. if only she didnt drop out of the drama and wasnt filming Mourning Grave at that time.

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they should have been start filming (2 month ago) as Aaron said but the didn't .. i love you since you in drama The Iron Empress and Boys Before Flower you are beautiful and cute.

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