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ICD medical codes are used to evaluate the general health of population groups and monitor the incidence and prevalence of diseases and other health problems in relation to other variables like age, race, and socioeconomics.

Learn more about Nursing and the care that they provide at Boston Medical Center, led by Nancy Gaden, DNP, RN, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer.

He was practicing in geriatrics at the time, and he noticed that every time he gave the flu shot to his older patients, they would get very sick.

So he stopped giving flu shots after 5 or 6 injections. He began doing his own research into vaccines, and encountered the evidence of fraud within the CDC.

If your client base continues to add insurance carriers, even for secondary payment, you will have contact information for contracting with new insurance carriers to provide services to an even wider range of patients, meaning greater opportunity to expand your practice.Electronic billing means that your claims are submitted and processed a lot faster, providing you the opportunity to correct denied claims and resubmit them before manual claims ever begin the processing stage.Explanation: By monitoring you billing patterns, you will notice and resolve these problem areas quickly before they begin to affect your aging and before they become bad debt.If your practice continues to sending bills to only one of the parents or the wrong insurance carrier, the parent who gets the bill can quickly find an account that is difficult to decipher and quickly becomes past due.By switching to electronic billing, your office will operate seamlessly because the entire patient billing information is contained within a software program, instead of pulling paper files to sort for the appropriate information.

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