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This article shows how Grid View can be templated programmatically at run time and how is it possible to do edit, insert and delete operations on it.Although just binding the Grid View with some dynamically changing datatsource is a simple and straight job which does not need templated Grid View, it cannot facilitate us with the aforementioned operations.This article shows how First, we should know what a template is. We may put this description at design time or at run time according to our need.Generally, a template is description of how a particular item will be rendered at run time. At design time we can define templates declaratively using inline tags in aspx source of Grid View (the following listing shows this). Different column field types determine the behavior of the columns in the control. When both are used, explicitly declared column fields are rendered first, followed by the automatically generated column fields. Auto Generate Columns property to false and then defining your own column field collection. Explicitly declared column fields can be displayed in combination with automatically generated column fields. For more information, see Introduction to the Validation Controls. Validation server controls are also provided to assess user input.

Check any information that is sent from a client for executable script, SQL statements, or other code before displaying it in your application.

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NET Developer's Cookbook Sample Chapters Book Reviews Community Regular Expressions In this article the author presents a comprehensive solution to build a Grid View with template fields generated at run time with in-place Insert, Delete and Edit operations with a full description of an effective implementation and usage of ITemplate interface.

In many situations we want to bind a fully, in-place operational Grid View with a dynamically changing data source.

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The Grid View control supports the following features: Each column in the Grid View control is represented by a Data Control Field object. Auto Generate Columns property is set to true, which creates an Auto Generated Field object for each field in the data source.

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