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Late nights, loud noises and teenage boys sniffin’ around like mongrels over a carcass. It’s not that I minded whores and sluts livin’ in the neighborhood. The fact that her car was parked in it at the time should have given her a clue.

Ever since her and her mother had moved in, there had been nothin’ but problems. It took me about twenty seconds to develop a real dislike for her and about twenty minutes to convince the foul-mouth bitch that her driveway was on the other side of her house, not on my side.

I pushed her flat and as I steady-thumped her hips, I began to roll those cherries with my big, rough hands until they turned into pits. Every time she’d come down a bit, I’d give those cherry nips a twist or two and off she’d fly again to lala land. I pulled out of her tight hole and swung her till her face and mouth were hangin’ right off the edge of the table.

After the third and fourth big burst, Moriah went limp as a ten-year ol’ dishrag. Much as I was pissed at her mom, I had nothin’ against the girl. My prick was coated white with creamy girl-juice, so I smeared it all about her cheeks and lips as I pumped my meat up with my fist.

I open the door and like a stray cat she slipped right by mumblin’ some excuse or another. “She knew you wouldn’t let her in if she came over. “That’s nothin’ I hadn’t seen before, girl,” I informed her, “and nothin’ that practically every man in the neighborhood won’t be gettin’ for free sooner or later.” She shrugged, not put off by my insult, got up and hopped on the table right in front of me. She had a surprisingly small vagina, just a thin slit down under and some puffy folds of flesh on top.

She sat down at my kitchen table, none too ladylike, and started drinkin’ from my own coffee cup like she owned the place. So she sent me.” “And why should I listen to her just because she sent you? “She told me to be persuasive,” the daughter said, cockin’ her leg up on the chair and showin’ me her naked pussy. “Still, it won’t cost you nothin’ to listen and I can be very persuasive when I wanna be,” she said matter-of-factly. Not yet anyway.” I figured that the young one would be gettin’ around to me sooner or later, if nothin’ else but just to piss her mother off. “She told me this morning I can’t go out until I fetch you over and I’m gettin’ awfully horny, mister. As she rubbed her clit, her cunt gaped open wet and inviting.

“I’m sure you can, though you’re hardly old enough to know how to use what you got, girly. No doubt that even with that small slit she’d been stuffed full many times. “Look mister, I don’t usually go for men your age, but as you can see I really need it.

Then again, she had a thing for young boys they said. Just give me a little somethin’, even if you don’t come talk to Mama,” she said panting.

Then she added in amazement, “I feel like I can taste you in the back of my throat.” “Not yet, my lil slut. She wailed and put her arms up onto my shoulders to brace herself.

As always, comments are welcome, but don’t say you weren’t warned. She’s eighteen, blonde, skinny as a rail and apparently just loves to fuck. I’d parked my car in the driveway, just like I’d done for fifteen years, and this drunken loudmouth bitch staggered off her porch and began to cuss me out for parkin’ my own car in my own driveway.

* * * * * I heard a knock on my kitchen door and looked out to see the lil slut from next door.

Let me see those titties bounce.” As she whipped her blouse off, I gave her two or three hard humps so her nipples were bouncin’ around when they came into view. Sure enough, she hollered like a banshee and her girly creams spurt out and soaked my balls.

She had hard cherries on top of sweet handfuls of tit flesh. I kept rammin’ her all the way through one cum and then another.

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Before I even got it half way in she was squealin’ like the bitch in heat she was and cummin’ all over my table.

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